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We can't wait to have all our TU Owls and leaders back on campus! The Rothman ice skating rink opens each winter by mid-November. A post shared by Michael Ng michaelng55 on Feb 10, at 2: Eat some food, kick back in a hammock, or play giant games of chess, Connect Four, or Jenga! Park admission is free! Embrace your artistic side and head down to Graffiti Pier. While the rest of the Rittenhouse area may be out of your price range, you can never go wrong in appreciating a beautiful day in the park.

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People watch, have a picnic, or just hangout and enjoy the city. A post shared by Melissa DiPento mdipento on May 15, at 2: You have a huge variety to choose from! Temple sports teams offer free admission to home games for any sport. Additionally, if you keep your eyes open, Temple offers students discounted Flyers tickets and Phillies game tickets! A post shared by Tracie Aneles tracieaneles on Apr 26, at 6: Manayunk is an extremely cool city to explore, eat and relax.

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There are tons of different shops and restaurants to check out. Exploring Old City would make a great day. First, you will spend 15 minutes on a guided meditation journey under the care of your instructor. Then, you spend the rest of the class finding your own inner path. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear, allowing you to live a more productive and joyful life. Let it help you clear out the clutter in your mind. If you've always been interested in pole dancing, but never felt like you had the moves to pull it off, then this class is for you!

Follow along as a professional instructor guides you through a variety of basic techniques that will get you both familiar with the pole and comfortable with your body.

You'll find your inner vixen as you learn to seductively and safely work your way around the pole and infuse your own style into your routine. Along with a whole new level of confidence, you'll also gain strength and flexibility through an incredible aerobic workout that will help you lose weight , tone up, and have fun. Muay Thai is about far more than physical results. Through its practice, a connection is built between the mind and body, allowing you to reach a heightened sense of physical and mental awareness.

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In this foundational class, you'll develop the fundamental techniques of Muay Thai under the guidance of a professional instructor. As you condition, drill, and spar, you'll develop strength and stamina as well as work new muscles and increase flexibility. Whether you're looking for a new fitness experience or are interested in starting a competitive practice in martial arts, this class will provide you with the perfect foundation for your journey.

Nuts about the tango? Don't spin out of control -- get professional help with this beginner-level tango class! During this fun, social class, you'll develop the confidence needed to dance one of the most iconic and expressive dance styles, by learning the fundamentals first. In a class designed to accommodate beginner-level dancers, you'll enjoy professional, time-tested instruction that will help you get the right technical elements of tango down, as well as the right attitude that gives this dance style its sizzle.

And in addition to being wildly fun and a great way to meet others, dancing the tango is also a great way to stay in shape with a high-energy workout!. You'd be crazy to not check this class out! Did you get your knuckles broken after the last time you hustled? Maybe you're doing the wrong kind of hustle You'll start simply, learning the moves in isolation -- but before you know it you'll be moving to the music and putting your own personal style to the dance.

The best part of the class comes when you partner up and get to try out some of your skills in tandem. You never know what could happen in these situations -- well, we actually have a pretty good idea: Hustle Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia Learn the hustle, a disco partner dance with a swing feel and 70's flair Get in great shape while learning how to work the dance floor Improve at a comfortable pace while working with an expert instructor who knows how to get the most out of every student Recommend a good oral surgeon for your friends, cause you're going to drop their jaws with your new moves!

Feeling a little too wired? Get off the grid with a deep dive into Amish country! This remarkable tour offers an inside look into the world of Lancaster's Amish population, thanks to trips to three different Amish properties. Your first stop will be a visit to an Amish farm, where you'll check out a barn and watch cows get milked for all they're worth! You'll also learn about how "Amish electricity" is used to keep the milk cold. Next up, you'll get a look at how the Amish approach entrepreneurship with a trip to a small business featuring handcrafted products.

Finally, you'll head out into the country to get a sense of Amish family life.

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You'll be invited as a guest into a home, where you'll learn about Amish family values, living without technology, and other facets of the Amish faith during a casual chat. But seriously, how do they make plans without texting each other upon arrival? Tap into Philly's legendary history along with its epic beer scene on this adventure through Philly's major landmarks and into its famed bars, pubs, and microbreweries. Make a toast in Philadelphia's oldest pub, sample craft brews, and learn why Philly is one of America's best beer cities.

Take on the diversity of Philly in the best way possible — local style! Begin your Philadelphia neighbourhood tour on the ever-colourful South Street. Follow your local guide through the streets of the Bella Vista neighbourhood for your first glimpse of some beautiful mosaics.

We've got you covered!

Art, culture, diversity and of course, the spirit of Rocky lives on in South Philly! Join this Philadelphia tour to see just how eclectic this gritty city is. From Jewish delis to Italian markets, churches, cemeteries, and public art, South Philly is a slice of the real Philly. Feed your mind and your belly simultaneously on this Philadelphia city tour. Don't worry, there won't be an exam at the end — there'll be food trucks instead!

We all know Philadelphia for its famous landmarks and historical background, but did you also know that it's home to this wicked food market?

15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Around Philly

Join this Italian Market tour in Philadelphia for a dose of yummy Philly food at its very best. Sample a few nibbles, then fill your shopping bag with cheeses, chocolates, deli items, and baked goods, and connect with the merchants and personalities that have shaped the character of this street for generations. From there, hit up the oh-so-tempting tastes of the famous Italian market!

This amazing place includes a fully mosaicked indoor gallery and a massive outdoor labyrinthine mosaic structure. Your guide will have plenty of great recommendations. Then off to Washington Square for stories of William Penn. There are few better ways to get to know a city than over a beer with a local.

So, enter your local beer expert to cap off your tour! You'll meet your beer guide at City Hall just as locals are finishing up their workday. One drink at each bar is included with the tour, as well as a pub or street snack. After happy hour, end your Philadelphia tour at the tour's final pub. Enter, our Philly on Tap tour! Discover the essence of this fascinating city through the rich flavours of Philly beer, a truly unique experience for both the avid fanatic and beer beginner.

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Begin your Philadelphia beer tour at the very heart of modern Philadelphia, City Hall. You'll meet your local guide and step out onto the streets of Philly, where you'll discover some of the sights and sounds of Philadelphia as people are finishing up their work day. Choose from some of the most unique, typical, and popular drinking establishments in the city.

One drink at each bar is included with the tour, as well as a pub or street snack — the perfect accompaniment for your Philadelphia beer. And the bars you visit all have one thing in common: You'll quickly find out why Philadelphia is one of America's best beer cities, and learn the names and tastes of places such as Philadelphia Brewing Co. After happy hour, end your Philadelphia bar tour at the tour's final pub. You're interested in beer.

You like seeing how things get made and you're looking for something exciting to do this weekend. Luckily, you've got a couple options. Your first option is a brewery tour in some dingy basement with gross beer that has pieces of dirt floating around in it. Your second option is a three-in-one Philadelphia nighttime brewery adventure with humor, history, and a delicious lunch included.

Which would you go with? After Hours Brew Tour Non-drinking ticket Arch St, Philadelphia Get an inside look at how different local breweries craft their brews Let experienced guides introduce you to award-winning beers, beer processes, and delicious food Embark on a one-of-kind tour fit for beginners, connoisseurs, and homebrewers alike.

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The City of Brotherly Love just got a whole lot more brotherly! This frothy tour will introduce you to some of the top breweries in town, where you'll try samples with fellow beer lovers in a celebration of hoppy goodness!