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The questions about dating seem to come from three basic types of questioners: These three groups have different backgrounds and motivations for their questions, but all of them deserve answers so that they can find peace and guidance. And you can help. See if you can match up the questions to the statements in that section that give an answer.

Or, if you know other answers from the scriptures or general conference, add those. Go to the right sources—the scriptures, prophets, parents, and leaders, as well as asking Heavenly Father for the guidance of the Spirit.

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Be kind—a part of the answer to any question regarding how to deal with others. When these people grew old enough, they decided to try out this dating thing.

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Here are a few of them:. How can I avoid steady dating? Everybody else does it.

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I recently took someone out for fun, but now she wants a relationship. What should I do? At what age can we start going on one-on-one dates instead of in groups?

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For questions like these, you can sometimes find the answers right in For the Strength of Youth. No, these are not servers at restaurants.

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Here are their questions:. Why date as a teenager?

Some of these questions are a little harder to answer by quoting For the Strength of Youth. But people are still feeling anxious and hurt. You may want to talk to parents, older siblings, leaders, and others who can lend a sympathetic ear and offer good advice and perspective. People in this group can be anywhere from 12 to 18 years old, and their questions are all over the map. But basically, they seem to be trying to carve out an exception to the rules so that they can feel good about doing what they want to do. How many dates with other people do I need to go on in between dates with the person I really like?

Is it OK to steady date then? Look at For the Strength of Youth and see how you might begin to form an answer. The key is not to just repeat the standard but to focus on the why behind the standard. Why no frequent dates with the same person? Why wait until 16 to date? Error in form submission.